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Admission Open 2022-23
I’m so grateful to be a part of Smt. K. L. Tiwari College of Architecture. I would like to thank all of my professors, and faculty, who was there every single time to help us out and make the seemingly impossible things possible.

They inspire us to think in new ways, innovate, and always motivate and encourage us to face new challenges, giving us an opportunity to think out of the box. The guidance and encouragement during this process were invaluable. Thank you for making my Architecture Career everything it has been.

Admission Open 2022-23
Hello, myself Ar. Pratik Jadhav, Alumni of Smt. K. L. Tiwari College of Architecture, Mira Road (Batch 2016 – 2021). I am currently working as a Jr. Architect in a Mumbai based architecture firm “The Design Studio

by Ubaid Pettiwala”, Bandra.About the five years of B.Arch. if I have to say something well, when we say a journey, it has to end somewhere to start a new one.This journey of five years for me and for every architecture student was a roller coaster ride with loads of ups and downs, sleepless nights, ideas rejection, breaking down to give up, but then coming back stronger. Being the first batch with no seniors (which are always a great part of the journey) we were always put in the tough situations first, but I guess that brought the best out of us. Now we all are entering in the field as strong young proud architects who aspire to put their vision into reality, to a better future and living.Thanks to our Management, my batch mates, my faculties who have been with us through all five years, my family of course, my friends not from my field for the support and belief in me!

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Being a Part of SKLTCOA as a Faculty, it has been an Empowering Experience for me. The Learning Environment here is Qualitative and Value-Based. The Institute is committed to imparting the very best knowledge to its students and engaging them with

experimental and practical learning. I wish all the Students, Staff, Faculty, and Management a Very Best of Luck for their future and also wish that the Institute achieve Great Heights in Imparting knowledge.

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I wish our Final Year students the best of luck in future endeavors. I have known you all since your First Year in Architecture. Being the first batch of an institution is always challenging, as there are no seniors to share student experiences and necessary information.

And yet all of you have grown so well! As your faculty and mentor, I am proud of you and of the work you have done so far. As you are heading towards the finish line, remember the fantastic journey so far. As you step out in the professional world, remember what you have accomplished and never shy away from more learnings. A few weeks from now you will be ARCHITECTS … and all of us are waiting to welcome you as our young colleagues. So give your best in the jury and cross over to the other side of our professional world!

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I am sincerely grateful to be a part of this institute. Everything is great, but the best part is the faculty. They brought out the best in us, in the best way possible. Their teaching makes me more excited to learn . Thanks for everything.
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The pandemic has stressed out all of us in every aspect of our daily lives. From an educational perspective, it took away the reassuring custom of a daily physical gathering at College and the comfort that came with that.

Thank you SKLTCOA for your support and your continued commitment and for keeping everyone safe and carrying out the educational mission. I would like to express my gratitude to each and every faculty working very hard, trying to be inclusive, understanding, and kind to every student. I am glad to be a part of this amazing institute -SKLTCOA

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We have always trusted in team effort. And nothing more challenging than the pandemic itself has shown us this strength of our students and fraternity. Extreme hard work, perseverance and dedication was shown by the entire faculty and students of SKLTCOA in this entire year.

We have successfully completed the syllabus with utmost precision possible. Students and faculty have stood up in solidarity to overcome all the difficult situations at every stage. Now that the students have begun with their examinations, I wish them as well as my faculty all the best for their humongous efforts.

I would like to express my heartiest gratitude towards Smt. K L. Tiwari College to empower me to my truest potential. Only after graduating as an Architect and working in the field did I realise the value of discipline taught to us by our professors. Now in my pursuit of being a Town Planner by doing Post-Graduation

in Urban and Regional Planning, I take immense pride to be a Tiwari College Graduate.
Course: Currently pursuing Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning – M.Plan (U&R)
College: Amity School of Architecture and Planning
University: Amity University Haryana

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The opportunities and experience I have got until now in SKLTCOA, have been unprecedented. At every step, I have been fortunate to interact with some very different, motivated and creative set of minds, of my own batchmates, respected faculties or other guests and professors from different Workshops. Every day there

is something new to learn within our best. Being a first year student, SKLTCOA has shaped me into an independent and tenacious individual by enhancing my qualities like punctuality, always being presentable, and being a better human being in this global world. At last, the best thing SKLTCOA has got, is our respected Principal, Rupali Gupte Ma’am, who has a very humble, kind and helpful personality, the same also for other teachers in our institute.

Online teaching has been the most challenging experience ever. We have, however, been able to sail through these difficult times successfully for two semesters and I owe it completely to the entire team at SKLTCOA for making it possible, by effectively planning and guiding each one of us time to time

The way students have responded and worked hard, in such unfavourable situations, with limited resources, is equally impressive. I am extremely grateful for the immense support and cooperation received from the Principal, co – faculties, admin staff and ERP support team as always, and specially in these challenging times, for being available round the clock.

Admission Open 2022-2023
Myself Rahul Mejiyater, alumini of Smt. K. L. Tiwari College of Architecture (batch 2016-2021) take great pleasure in expressing my gratitude towards the management, faculties and all staff of the college. I have secured my job at the esteemed firm of SSA (Sandeep Shikre & Associates) Architects, Prabhadevi and

I sincerely thank the grooming and learning sessions at my college for bringing out the best in me. The motivation, support and cooperation received from my Principal, faculties and friends in the entire five years journey has been my inspiration to make it to the top three positions every year.

Our college is well equipped with facilities that bring about the best in us. The homely environment, cooperative seniors and dedicated teachers makes the FYB.Architecture fresher students feel that they have selected the exact and the best college for their bachelor’s degree.
Admission Open 2022-23
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