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Prof. Ar. Rupali H. Gupte

G.D.Arch, M.Arch (P.M)

Prof. Ar. Rupali H. Gupte G.D. Arch, M. Arch (P.M)
In the recent few decades, architecture as a profession has undergone some key changes. With technological intervention in every sphere of life today, disciplines like art and architecture have been influenced the most.

In such changing times, the need to stay updated with the latest in the industry, must be addressed. As a group serving the education sector for years now, we understand the concern and plan to address it at the earliest.

So, the group has started Smt. K.L. Tiwari College of Architecture that will offer various courses in architecture to aspiring architects across India. The programme is tailored accordingly to suit today’s changing needs of the profession. The curriculum of the programme is such that it allows the young architects-in-the-making to comprehend and analyse the changing trends and industrial needs, and accordingly act and make choices. The programme enables its students to grow holistically and develop a thought process that encourages them to think out-of-the-box. With the programme we wish to create young and dynamic workforce that is well equipped to face professional challenges and come out victorious.

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