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The teaching and learning technique used at Smt. K.L. Tiwari College of Architecture encourages faculty to map the programmed outcome and plan, implement, monitor, and evaluate (through internal and external evaluation). The continual assessment that students complete based on the Learning Outcomes of various topics is a reflection of the teaching-learning that takes place in the Institute. The Institution assesses whether programme outcomes and course outcomes have been attained.

At the start of each academic session, the institution develops its own academic calendar (for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes), following the university’s academic calendar.The primary goal of coursework delivery or programme outcomes is to provide students with the current knowledge and practical skills they will need to handle issues in the future.

Through a variety of workshops on classic and modern architectural issues, Smt. K.L. Tiwari College of Architecture offers students several opportunities to transform the way that learning is often done. Students are exposed to the art of space creation through regular, creative workshops that also help to make them aware of built-environment challenges.

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Students who participate in architectural workshops have the chance to advance their professional knowledge, improve their creative thinking, and convey their ideas through learning about the theories and practices of architectural design.Study trips and field trips are essential for familiarizing students with the nation’s architectural legacy as well as the most recent advancements in both cost-effective and contemporary and vernacular architecture conservation strategies.On one hand practitioners bring with them knowledgeable industry insights and the art of decision-making to the class, while on the other hand, academicians teach students to tackle problems with a critical and analytical approach

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