About Rahul Education Group

The Rahul Education, the parent organization covering five registered educational societies, is a reputed quality education provider. It comprises 55+ institutions spread across Thane and Palghar districts in Maharashtra and Chandauli district in Uttar Pradesh. Ever since the opening of its first school in Bhayandar in the year 1992, Rahul Education Group has diligently followed the path of delivering 360-degree quality education.

Over 55,000+ students and their parents can vouch for the Group’s commitment to provide quality education from preschool to post graduation. With its ‘VISION 2022’ and its new motto ‘Lead the Way’, the Group aims to establish itself as an exemplary leader in the education sector.

Its logo, ‘A Burning Torch’ represents the Group’s desire and passion to spread the light of knowledge in the lives of the young generation that will take India forward on the path of progress and peace. With the opening of Smt. K. L. Tiwari College of Architecture in the newly formed Palghar district of Maharashtra, the Rahul Group has reiterated its intent of venturing into the creative domain of architectural education and establishing higher levels of excellence.

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