Smt. K.L. Tiwari College of Architecture

Community Extension Programs

Community for Change
Provide an overview of the organization or college behind these programs, emphasizing the commitment to community development.
ANDC 2023-2024 :

Program Overview: Highlight the objectives and goals for ANDC (Assumption College) in 2023-2024. Mention how the college is committed to fostering positive change in the community.
Events and Initiatives: Showcase upcoming events, workshops, and community service activities organized by ANDC for the year.

Success Stories:
Share stories and testimonials of how ANDC has impacted the community in the past and the positive changes they aim to bring in the future.

Transforming Our Streets: Explain the purpose and importance of beautifying the college road. Highlight the positive impact this project will have on the local community.
Volunteer Opportunities : Encourage community members to get involved by volunteering for beautification projects.
Progress Updates : Provide updates on the ongoing beautification efforts and track the transformation of College Road.

The Sacred Stupa Project : Describe the significance of the Stupa and its cultural and spiritual importance.
Construction and Restoration : Share details about the construction or restoration of the Stupa and how it’s contributing to the local community’s heritage.
Visitation and Donations : Invite visitors to experience the Stupa and offer opportunities for donations to support its preservation.

Empowering Rural India : Explain the Unnat Bharat Abhiyan initiative and how it’s working towards the development of rural areas.
Partnerships and Collaborations : Highlight partnerships with various stakeholders, including educational institutions, government bodies, and local communities.
Get Involved : Encourage individuals and organizations to join Unnat Bharat’s mission and make a positive impact on rural India.

Admission Open 2022-23
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