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August 2022

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Urban villages in Indian cities are urbanized villages, that is,¬†original villages that have conformed themselves to the urbanization around them. In India, they are existing pockets of old villages that have gotten cramped among the rapidly rising city around them. Small and intimate The area can comfortably be covered on foot The scale of the …


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What are the benefits of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)?

What are Sustainable Drainage Systems? Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) are drainage solutions that provide an alternative to the direct channeling of surface water through networks of pipes and sewers to nearby watercourses. The use of Sustainable Drainage Systems can reduce the risks and impacts of surface water flooding, improve water quality, and enhance the amenity …

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Neuro-Architecture – Understanding Spaces Inducing Emotions

Have you ever wondered how some spaces can induce feelings or develop a sense of emotion in us? Parks, movie theaters, shopping malls make us happy, energetic while on the other hand hospitals, colleges or government buildings might induce a sense of sadness, depression.  Have you ever heard of Neuroarchitecture? What if our buildings become …

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