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The Relationship Between Music and Architecture

Music and Architecture are a combination that I in earlier years of Architecture, have learned to enjoy. When I heard the words “Music and Architecture”, the first thoughts that come in mind are how there is correlation between the two. Surprisingly enough, there are many common relations to Architecture and Music. Music and architecture have many things in common such as Rhythm, Texture, Harmony, Proportion, and Dynamics.

  • Rhythm and Architecture are similar in many ways.
  • Rhythm has much to do with pattern. Patterns can be found in both music, through beat and Repetition, but can also be found in shapes or structural elements in Architecture.

  • Texture is also a key concept of architecture and music.
  • Texture in music has to do with the layering of different sounds and rhythms by different instruments. Materials in architecture can also display texture. The combination of different materials can show a wide variety of different textures and how they can interact with each other.

  • Architecture and music also have harmony in common.
  • Harmony can be from balance in a musical work or it can also be through a balance of a part to a whole. Architecture can show harmony through the successful use of different materials or designs in a space together to become one unified space.

  • Proportion in my opinion relates to harmony in many
  • ways. The right proportions in music in intervals and notes can help create a harmony throughout the work. Proportions with materials in architecture also create a balance. The correct balance can harmonize an architectural setting.

  • Architecture and music also share dynamics.
  • Dynamics deals with quality. Music and architecture need certain qualities and standards to make the works worthwhile and meaningful.

  • Music and architecture can be paralleled in many more
  • ways than one. Rhythm, texture, harmony, proportion, and dynamics all are tied into the arts in some way; whether it is through buildings, or songs. Either way, the overall qualities shared between music and architecture can help inspire each other. The more qualities in common, the more influence music and architecture can have on each other through emotions and the overall meanings of works.

    Even though there are many relations to music and architecture. There are other uses of music and architecture. Music can be used to as more of an encouragement and inspiration to a project. Surprisingly enough, I utilize music in way that inspires my drive to design a project. Music is always or never thought of as having a relation to architecture. Even if it is, I utilize music as more of an drive to an inspiration to a work of architecture.

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Ar. Ameya Anant Kadam

Visiting Faculty at Smt. K. L. Tiwari College of Architecture


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