Fee of Rs. 1,45,000/- as approved and declared by “Fee Regulating Authority”, Maharashtra State, Mumbai, is applicable/chargeable for the candidates admitting in First Year Architecture Course started during Academic Year 2018- 19. In addition to this, the candidate is also liable to pay the fees /charges payable to University of Mumbai and also the Security Deposits (Refundable) to the College for the admissions in Academic Year 2018-19.

It is also applicable that in case, any increase in the fee structure during Academic Year 2018-19 or so, then such revised / increased fee structure shall be payable by the Candidates/ Parents. Also in case any decrease in the fee structure during Academic Year 2018-19, then the College authority shall refund the same within 4 Weeks’ time and/or adjust the same against the fees receivable in the current/future dues